The Front Runner movie plot

2022-06-27 23:58
In 1988, when U.S. Senator Gary Hart was running for president of the United States, he was derailed and ruined his political future. After the scandal broke out, the lives of Gary Hart, Hart's wife Lee and the young girl Donna Rice with whom Hart had an extramarital affair were affected in different ways. Gary Hart also has moments of inaccuracy when he looks at the media and what's at hand. He bets his future and his beliefs because he firmly believes that American politics will not go this way and that he doesn't need to respond. Those about cheating. But he bet wrong   .
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The Front Runner quotes

  • Georgetown Moderator: You and your younger democratic colleagues have been called the "Atari Democrats".

    Gary Hart: I've heard. I didn't coin that.

    Georgetown Moderator: Have you ever played Atari?

    Gary Hart: Uh, yes, I've tried Asteroids a few times with my son. Uhhh, I mostly drifted around getting pelted with rocks.

    [laughs with audience]

    Gary Hart: Felt like my first term in the Senate.

    [laughs more with audience]

  • Gary Hart: [responding to Dole] We did not bankrupt the Soviets. Communism bankrupted itself morally and economically. You do not get credit for kicking down a door that's already open.

    [audience applauds]

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