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2022-04-07 08:01
The story of The Insults involves the history of war and religious conflict in the Middle East, an event not well known to most people, but it does not prevent the audience from entering and understanding. The film explores the deep reasons behind this dramatic event from its inception to its evolution. Behind the individual, it is directly related to the two religious races represented by the two people, as well as the war tragedies experienced in history. However, this is not a work about politics. The director really pays attention to the relationship between people and people, people and history, and war trauma who are affected in a complex political background. The complexity and ambiguity of the narrator, this is the most interesting aspect of film art's exploration of human nature. The film extracts and displays the material from life in a highly artistic way. The rhythm of the story is steady and progressive, and it continues to develop. From performance, narration, drama complex, photography to film conception, it successfully combines the history of national and national wars. Hatred is drawn from the perspective of personal grievances, with tension and suspense from beginning to end. It is also instructive for countries and people around the world who have gone through war, and for the many similar unresolved experiences on both sides   .
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  • Albina 2022-04-08 09:01:13

    Which second-hand product put Pakistan on the label?

  • Nicholaus 2022-04-07 09:01:07

    4.5 The perspective is small to see the big, the wounds are drawn layer by layer, and the accusation and debate are upgraded step by step: the narrative is old-fashioned, the performance is captivating, the rhythm is accurate, it is very exciting! The compact narrative of the long-lens chase is especially impressive. Personal grievances and religious conflicts and family and country hatred are really unsolved#The chicken soup at the end of the film is flawed, and the sentence I'm sorry that the garage was punched should be placed at the end. It is good to see the small, but in the end, it should be placed on the small#

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  • Wajdi Wehbe: Wajdi Wehbe: No one has a monopoly on suffering.

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