Alphas movie plot

2022-03-03 08:01
Five ordinary people form a team of "Alphas", whose brain capacity has been upgraded due to brain abnormalities, which gives them extraordinary abilities beyond ordinary people, both mentally and physically.
These superhuman warriors have since served in the U.S. Department of Defense, led by Dr. Lee Rosen, an alpha expert and neuroscientist. This team uses extraordinary abilities to deal with crimes that the FBI, CIA and Pentagon cannot solve. In a time-critical situation, they also learn to blend their differences in character and ability to eventually successfully capture the enemy.
Agents from the Eighth District are called in to investigate the mysterious murder of an impending witness in the back room of a federal courthouse. The Eighth District is a covert operation funded by the National Security Agency , led by Dr. Lee Rosen. Their task is only one - to find those so-called "alpha human" guys, assess their level of danger.
"Alpha humans" are humans whose brain structures have mutated, giving them superpowers that ordinary people don't have. Dr. Rosen's investigation was aided by four such "alphas"—Gary Bell, a high-functioning autistic whose brain processes information as well as the world's most powerful supercomputers; Bill Harken, a former FBI agent, who can amplify his muscle sensitivity in a fight, forget his fear, and gain incredible arm strength in a very short period of time; Nina Theroux, a beautiful brunette who can easily change other people's brains by looking at each other Consciousness, acting on her orders; Rachel Pirzad, an introverted and quiet girl with super-sense - sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.
Unfortunately, there are always two sides to things - there is a price to pay to use these superpowers. For Gary, autism made his interests, hobbies, and behaviors childlike; for Harken, his never-ending anger cost him his job and his family; and for Nina, she never knew How the people around her really feel about her, she doesn't even feel her true self. With Rosen's help and coaching, they eventually come together and fight for justice. Rosen is not only their mentor, but also their friend. Every day he taught them how to control their abilities, and at the same time teach them how to be human.
Rosen and his team soon discovered that an "alpha man" named Cameron Hicks was responsible for the court murders. This man was a Marine Corps sharpshooter with superhuman balance and aiming -- he could even direct the angle and speed of the shot through the barrel. Although Cameron Hicks was recruited, there seems to be a more powerful manipulator behind all this.
In the first episode, Alphas is tasked with investigating a man named Cameron Hicks, who often mysteriously disappears from the grocery store where he works, returning with no memory of what he did. Alphas discovered he was a "lurking" assassin and "protected" him. The FBI was annoyed by this.
Alphas later found out that Hicks had been a sharpshooter in the military, using his superpowers to adjust the accuracy of his marksmanship. An alpha human nicknamed "Ghost" controls Hicks' mind through hand contact and then "plays a Bach symphony on a phone call" to awaken his "killer essence". After the case comes to light, Wilson wants to keep Hicks locked up, but Nina, who has a crush on Hicks, urges Rosen to save him. Rosen recruited Hicks into Spetsnaz  .
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Extended Reading
  • Bobby 2022-03-26 09:01:13

    There is no superpower against the sky, and the story is more inclined to express human nature. The characters and plots are basically reliable, but the rhythm is always inexplicably dragged, and low-cost dramas can only do this.

  • Linnea 2022-03-26 09:01:13

    Sorry v, quit the show

Alphas quotes

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    Trey Lockerbie: [singing] Don't take "no" for an answer / 'nd there's no telling where we've been... / 'Cause people don't understand, understand, understand / People don't understand / People like me.

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