The Sky Crawlers evaluation action

2022-02-07 14:57
"Sukai Crowra" is an out-and-out animation that transcends reality. It is also an animated film with clones as the main character. If the coat of science fiction is peeled off, the story content of this animated film reflects precisely a cycle of life and death-such a profound religious concept. Intense aerial combat, exquisite fighters, and melancholic dialogue, but the propositions considered throughout the film are the value of life. The picture experience of the film is outstanding not only in Japanese cartoons, but also in the production effects of animated films from all over the world. The musical performance of the film is ingeniously matched with the theme of the film, which makes the film effect even more powerful. The music of the film is more like the heavens flowing in the cold sky. The film brings a spiritual feast to audiences who love animation, allowing people to constantly reflect on the performance of human beings in front of war and discuss the weight of love and life while lingering on the wonderful painting skills and three-dimensional technology. In this film, Oshii Mamoru explores the relationship between human beings and the world and reflects on the meaning of life. He put aside the entertainment element in the film and television works, and used his own language to shape the integrity of the work.  
The picture quality of "Sukai Crowra" should be very high in the cartoon. But as a work by Oshii Mamoru, the connotation is quite different this time, and it is uncharacteristically inspiring. Only the characters in the film are drawn by hand, and the rest are all exquisite three-dimensional pictures. It is undoubtedly a smart process to remove the characters from the background and draw them in the traditional way. If you want to deal with the characters according to the same standards as the background, both time and manpower and material resources may have to be doubled, but the effect may not be better. The CG images in video games are probably the best in this field, but at least the expressions are not as rich as the two-dimensional images. Contrary to the amazing visuals, Oshii Mamoru's story is a lot more "superficial" this time. "Ghost in the Shell" is no longer obscure, simple and easy to understand, and obviously a lot more commercialized. The exhaustion in Oshii Mamoru's work reaches its culmination in this film: lack of plot and action scenes, no poetic or mysterious content, this is a film that is meaningful only to Oshii Mamoru as a perfectionist.
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  • Theodore 2022-03-17 09:01:09

    How about killing me? Otherwise, we'll be here forever

  • Hillary 2022-03-17 09:01:09

    Many people say it sucks, but it's the one that Oshii Mori touches my heart the most. The empty old Polish airport, immortal young people, and youth that is as long and broken as a marathon.

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