The Sky Crawlers movie plot

2022-02-07 14:57
This is a peaceful world without war. However, in order to truly experience the feeling of peace, mankind invented a performance war for viewing. There are still cruel casualties in the rain of guns and bullets in this fake show. The special fighter "Kildorei" fought in the sky with fighter jets. Their bodies stay in the state of adolescence, immortal, and their hearts that have not stopped growing are more exhausted than ordinary adults. Death on the battlefield is their only way out. The youngsters with a helpless fate compose the reincarnation of love and life and death between heaven and earth.
"Kildorei" Hannan Yuichi is a pilot belonging to the Japanese war company Rostock. He was sent to the front-line base "Tu Lizhou" to fight against the European war company Lauterun. Youyi has no memory of the past, only knowing how to control a fighter jet, flying into the blue sky to show off his skills is everything for Youyi. The base’s female commander Kusanagi Suisu is also "Kil'dorei", and she was once an ace pilot with great military exploits. There are many bizarre rumors surrounding Shui Su. Some people say that she killed Yuichi's ex, and some people say that her sister Rui Ji is actually her biological daughter. Yuichi was deeply attracted by Hydrosu. When he first saw him, Susu looked familiar, as if waiting for him. Although there was not much conversation and contact, the two people's hearts approached quickly. One day, Suo Su said to You Yi, "How about killing me? Otherwise, we will stay here forever." This made You puzzled.
The battle situation at the base is getting tighter, and Lautron has sent the invincible pilot "Godfather", who is said to be the only adult pilot. In the face of powerful enemies, the partners died one by one, and the company sent new people to replenish their combat power. Yuichi discovered that the new pilot, like his companion Yudagawa who died at the hands of the "Godfather", liked to stack newspapers several times. It is very doubtful that a pair of strangers will have the same quirks as the deceased.
The memory of the gradual recovery, the meaning of Suisu's strange words, and the fate of "Kil'dorei", when Yuichi understood all the truth, he made the decision to stand up against the fate-"I want to shoot down the'Godfather'. " 
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Extended Reading
  • Kenton 2022-03-19 09:01:10

    It is difficult to fully understand the worldview just by watching the animation, but unfortunately the Chinese version of the novel is not finished. It is recommended to play the Wii version of the game, operate the godfather to beat the heroine, and various throughput conveniences to facilitate understanding of reincarnation.

  • Kennedy 2022-03-19 09:01:10

    Typical Cannes taste, the core is the fate of de-identification, like the "inhale, hold back, exhale" cycle of relaxation in a recent film

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