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2022-04-13 08:01
No matter how ridiculous the film is, you must find a reasonable theory to support your logic.
The theory that Altitude is looking for is Seth's existentialism.
The core of existentialism is that the world is created by the spirit, including me, the world in my eyes, my feelings, everything is a product of my spirit and is immaterial.
The film describes a female pilot flying solo for the first time, and she and her four friends are lost in the dark clouds at a high altitude, and experience a strange and terrifying flight. A screw of the small plane fell and the tail was stuck, so that the plane could not descend, and it soared up in the dark clouds. The team members had tragic infighting, amentia , hidden secrets, murder of rivals, monster tracking, space-time confusion, etc. In the end, only the key characters were left. Male and female number one.
To make the plot believable, the film runs through Seth's existentialism. At the beginning, the hero did not dare to get on the plane because of the death of his parents in a plane crash, and he used his words on the plane to lead Seth's philosophical argument that "self is everything, others are hell". The male protagonist's gloomy life course and anxiety and fear set the tone for the tragic journey. Although the movie does not start with the male protagonist, the director sets everything to be the spiritual product of the male protagonist, and the possible air crash imagined by the male protagonist is destined to become a reality.
As other characters mock the hero to the point of tearing up his beloved comic book, tying up to limit his freedom, and finally punching and kicking, intending to murder, the more the threat of others escalates, the worse the external environment, from a thin cloud to a dark cloud Dense, pitch-dark, octopus monsters chase, the outer world corresponds to the hero's spiritual world.
The development of things proves that the world comes from the male protagonist's head. All the plots were predicted in his cherished comic book, or the imprint of the comic book plot in the male protagonist's brain, which directed this flight.
The male protagonist does not know that he is actually the master of the outside world, but is constantly stimulated by what happens on the plane, and is connected to the plane crash with his parents many years ago (he was a child at the time holding a magazine, the cover of the magazine was It was a plane. Due to a terrifying flight, the plane he fantasized about collided with the plane in the magazine, but it actually collided, resulting in a tragic air crash. In addition, when discussing the air crash on the plane, another actress insisted on a conspiracy. Speaking of the other plane that collided with the crashed plane, there is no documentation, here is a foreshadowing), and finally realized this. But it still cannot control the outside world at will.
At the most critical moment, the heroine temporarily interrupted the consciousness of the hero with a deep kiss. But due to the weak character of the male protagonist, he cannot stop imagining tragic things, and greater dangers follow. At this time, the film mainly shows the fierce ideological struggle of the male protagonist. In the end, the plane flew out of the haze under the ideological control of the male protagonist, and there was a clear sky ahead.
But immediately ushered in a new challenge - the plane collided with another plane in front of it, and this plane was the one that crashed at a high altitude many years ago. The family of three and the female pilot (the mother of the current pilot) on the plane were on the plane. The male and female protagonists' eyes widened in horror. In an instant, two planes are about to collide, and the future is about to make history! Such absurd plot can only be explained by existentialism.
At a critical juncture, relying on the heroine's super brave skills, the two planes passed by, avoiding the occurrence of history - as a result, there was no air accident at the time, and the young hero and heroine were the first to land next to the plane that landed safely at the airport. Once met, we greeted each other affectionately.
The ending seems to be the heroine trying to save the game, but in fact it is still the hero who consciously controls the overall situation, because all the external world, including the heroine, is the imaginary product of the hero, and any actions of the heroine are The male protagonist's subconscious expectation. In the consciousness of the male protagonist who can gradually control the world, he is eager to rewrite history - the air crash did not happen, and he met the female protagonist. Such an ending is just an existential necessity.
Another take on the ending:
The hero and heroine also died in the end, the air crash really happened, and the hero changed from the manipulator of the dream to a member of the dream. The proof is that the final plot is very illusory, which means that they will meet in heaven; in addition, we can see from the movie that the plane crashed to the ground in the distance, blowing black smoke, which is also a hint from the director.
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  • Garret 2022-04-14 09:01:07

    The first thing you do when you get off the plane is to kill the male protagonist, you are a jerk! ! !

  • Hunter 2022-04-13 09:01:07

    Those below 3 stars are all those idiots who watch this movie while holding a monster, hahahahaha! ! !

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