Altitude movie plot

2022-04-13 08:01
Directed by up-and-coming director Kaare Andrews (Kaare Andrews) and starring Jessica Lowndes (Jessica Lowndes), Ryan Donowho (Ryan Donowho), Michelle Harrison (Michelle Harrison) Altitude has recently exposed the teaser trailer and teaser poster. This film can be said to be a "new" production, whether the director, actors or screenwriters are unfamiliar to the audience.
Written by Con Express screenwriter Paul A. Birkett, "Altitude" tells the story of a novice pilot and his four young companions in the Altitude when a mysterious malfunction occurs on the fuselage and they discover themselves Facing a supernatural force.
The story begins with an ordinary flight, a group of energetic and enthusiastic young people fly a plane to a concert. The male protagonist's parents were in a plane crash when he was young, and the heroine's mother was among the victims. Before this flight, the male protagonist struggled for a long time, and finally decided to board the plane with the female protagonist. Before the flight, the regular maintenance of the aircraft was not complete, and a screw came loose. As a result, when passing through the clouds, the screw finally fell off under the shock of the airflow, stuck the rear wing of the aircraft, and could no longer move. The aircraft could only rush towards the atmosphere according to the angle of the rear wing, getting further and further away from the ground, and later decided to One of them tied a climbing rope and went to the tail of the plane to troubleshoot. After the trouble was cleared, an accident occurred. The person who went out to repair was swept away by an unknown object. After the pain, there were more and more strange things outside the plane. When the two protagonists are left, the final chapter of this puzzle has arrived, and the night sky monster that has been hidden all along appears. At this time, the hero and heroine have discovered that everything that happened here is the projection of the hero's fear under the projection of mind power. In real life, the more fearful and resentful the male protagonist is, the more monsters in reality will move with the male protagonist's subconscious. At the critical moment, the female protagonist kisses the male protagonist, and the dark clouds immediately dissipate without a trace, but After realizing that the kiss just now was only for saving life and not the heroine's sincerity, the hero fell into his dark subconscious again. This time, the monster's attack directly aimed at the hero's favorite heroine. At the last moment, his subconscious was stimulated. Come out, the dark clouds and monsters dissipated immediately. But this is, the actor is surprised to find that he seems to have teleported himself to the scene of his parents' plane collision. He is also horrified to find that the person who killed his parents may be the self who returned to the past from the future. After making up their minds, the two of them tried their best to avoid the plane's impact, but their plane crashed.
In the last scene, the protagonist's mother asked, "Did they succeed?" The two children held each other's hands tightly under the beautiful sunset. They didn't know who was protecting them. I don't know that a terrifying dark cloud once appeared above their heads. Everything is so peaceful and peaceful now.
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