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2022-07-19 18:47
At the beginning of the film, I thought it was a light-hearted plot, but I didn't expect the plot to take a sharp turn. In the end, the heroine died of an illness and was about to die. At first, she was severely abused by this sudden change, and she couldn't help it. From this, it can be seen that the most direct and effective way to abuse one’s heart without preparation, even if it is cliché, and for a film like "오직그대만", which comes out with the slogan of bitterness, there is not much surprise outside feeling. However, the gap between image and reality has always existed. This is why people need images. As a film of pure love, as long as someone is slightly moved by this sincere scene and misses the beauty and purity of love for a few hours, this may be enough. (   )
In fact, Han Xiaozhu's role does not have much room to play, as long as she is in charge of being pitiful, it will be OK. The brightest scene is still in 소지섭; So Ji Sub's boxing, bloody violence but with some poetry. Action scenes are probably the ultimate dream of all male actors, so one has to speculate, 소지섭; So Ji Sub should have picked up this script for the boxing part. In fact, 소지섭; So Ji Sub is not the first time to play a boxer. From the posture of his punching, it can be seen that he is quite proficient in boxing. (   )
In the film, the world of the two protagonists has only one other person, although 소지섭; So Ji Sub plays a boxer, but there are not many action scenes and not much dialogue in the film, but they show their beautiful love through other aspects. It is reported that the director After struggling for a long time, he changed the expected tragic ending into a comedy, which moved the audience very much. It can be said that "오직그대만" is the most suitable movie for lovers to watch together this autumn. (   )
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  • Jeong-hwa: I said I'd see your face only.

    Jeong-hwa: Why did you make me see only mine?

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