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2022-07-19 18:03
Cheol Minwas originally a good boxer, but now he makes a living by delivering water during the day and watching watch at night., a beautiful and sunny girl . Unfortunately, Jinghua's eyesight is gradually declining, and if it continues to develop, she will become blind. The silent Zhemin slowly opened his heart in front of Jinghua, and the two fell in love. It turned out that Zhemin was an orphan who had gone astray as a thug and was imprisoned for it. Today's Zhemin is determined to start over and start his boxing career again, step by step to realize the future he and Jinghua designed. However, Jinghua's eye disease is getting worse and can't wait for them to slowly realize their dreams. At the same time, Zhemin discovered that the car accident that damaged Jinghua's eye mask had something to do with his mistakes. A strong sense of guilt makes Zhemin decide to take a risk and participate in an underground boxing match, only to raise medical expenses for Jinghua as soon as possible. 
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Always quotes

  • Jeong-hwa: I said I'd see your face only.

    Jeong-hwa: Why did you make me see only mine?

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