An American Pickle evaluation action

2022-10-20 16:13
Filled with dialogue and conflict between past and present, An American Pickle features two characters from different eras, and through Seth Aaron Rogen's performance, the film has expressed its theme. The main conflict of the film is the double performance of Seth Aaron Rogen, both of which are vivid and dramatic.
The film might be seen as the self-ripping dream of a successful writer who examines his own life and wonders what his ancestors would have thought. When Rogan confronts Rogan, the scene is filled with self-loathing, but also a sense of self-reflection that is rooted in culture and conditioning. At the same time, however, the scenes are filled with respect for the generations that Herschel transformed into   .
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An American Pickle quotes

  • Herschel Greenbaum: I cannot afford workers.

    Kevin: You could get interns!

  • Herschel Greenbaum: You have no wife, no children, no friends, and now, no job. You need help.

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