An American Pickle movie plot

2022-10-20 19:55
In 1920, laborer Herschel Greenbaum, an immigrant to the United States, accidentally fell into a jar of pickles, which were marinated for a hundred years, maintaining their perfect shape. One hundred years later, Greenbaum woke up in Brooklyn, New York, not a little old. He goes to find his family, only to find that only great-grandson Ben Greenbaumremains. Ben Greenbaum is a mild-mannered programmer, and Herschel Greenbaum can't understand him at all. Herschel wanted to start the kimchi business again, but the grandson completely disagreed, but the old man succeeded   .
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An American Pickle quotes

  • Scientist: Essentially, the pickle brine preserved him perfectly. It's been 100 years but he hasn't aged a day.

    Reporter: That's impossible.

    Second Reporter: You don't honesty expect us to buy that, do you?

    Third Reporter: What's the science behind it?

    Scientist: Please, let me explain.

    Herschel Greenbaum: [voiceover] The scientist explains. His logic is good. It satisfies everyone.

    Reporter: Oh, yes.

    Second Reporter: Makes sense.

    Second Reporter: Absolutely.

    Third Reporter: Very clear.

  • Herschel Greenbaum: I cannot afford workers.

    Kevin: You could get interns!

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