An Angel at My Table movie plot

2022-07-11 17:05
Janet was born into a poor family on the island of New Zealand. Encouraged by her father, the shy Janet found solace in poetry. Janet was very sad when her beautiful sister was drowned. Janet fell in love with her teacher at the normal school. Janet was diagnosed with schizophrenia by the hospital because she nearly committed suicide as an intern without a qualified education . The drowning of her sister and mother made Janet even more depressed. When Janet's collection of short stories is published and awarded a literary prize, Janet has the courage to live. In Ibiza Janet fell in love with Bernard. When Bernard returned to the United States, Janet found out that she was pregnant and had to have a miscarriage. After a hospital re-diagnosis, Janet did not have schizophrenia at all. In her new book, Faces in the Water, Janet writes about her treatment in a New Zealand mental hospital. Janet returned to New Zealand when her father died, and by this time she was a world-famous celebrity. Boarding in a caravan in her sister's back garden, Janet continued her writing journey.
She loves to explore the fun of storytelling and the mystery of sex. Her childhood was full of misfortune, and she often lived in the shadow of the death of her relatives. After entering college, she committed suicide and was sent to a mental hospital. After getting pregnant and having an abortion, until she was admitted to a mental hospital, her sky changed significantly   .
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