Escape from Sobibor movie plot

2022-07-06 18:32
In 1944, near the end of World War II, the Nazi army established three concentration camps for prisoners on death row in eastern Poland, one of which was called Sobibor. There was also a mass exodus from a concentration camp, and officials in charge of Sobibor vowed never to let such a thing happen in Sobibor. In this torture camp, escape was the only way out. Even more serious, if a group of prisoners escaped, the Germans would slaughter a corresponding number of prisoners. Any larger escape would mean the life of the guards and German government officials in charge. A death row prisoner led a collective escape of 600 people in such a highly guarded concentration camp, of which 300 succeeded, becoming a miracle in history. 
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Escape from Sobibor quotes

  • Capt. Franz Reichleitner: Attention railroad brigade Jews. As always I expect you to be smiling when the train arrives. Remember we are welcoming these people. This will run smoothly. If there is a problem like yesterday's, if people panic or try to run, I do not have to remind you: You will be killed!

  • Naomi: Please, what are you going to do?

    Sgt. Gustav Wagner: What do you think? There are no babies in Sobibor.

    Naomi: No! You're going to kill her.

    Sgt. Gustav Wagner: Because I'm in a good mood today, I'm going to let you live.

    Naomi: Give me my baby!

    Sgt. Gustav Wagner: I don't understand, I'm offering you a chance to live. It's quite unusual.

    Naomi: [spits in Wagners face] I spit on your offer, you Nazi bastard!

    [Wagner draws his pistol and shoots both Naomi and her baby]

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