Anaconda 3: Offspring evaluation action

2022-07-13 19:40
There are at least two major trends in thriller horror movies, one is based on the plot, supplemented by technology, and the other is based on technology and the plot is supplemented. The former pays more attention to the complete expression of the meaning of the plot, and creates a terrifying effect through the accident of constant turning. The latter is based on a more intuitive picture, directly exerting a strong visual impact, so as to give the audience a spiritual fear.
As a thriller horror movie, "Anaconda 3; Anaconda 3: The Offspring; Anaconda 3 - I nea genia; Anaconda 3 - La amenaza; Anaconda 3 - La nuova stirpe" is obviously not willing to focus on the plot. The plot of the whole film is monotonous and almost pale: two mutant pythons in the laboratory escape from the laboratory, so between humans and pythons, a game of chasing and being hunted begins. Like many Hollywood blockbusters, Anaconda 3; Anaconda 3: The Offspring; Anaconda 3 - I nea genia; Anaconda 3 - La amenaza; Add a lot of unknown fear. However, I don’t know if it’s to save production costs or for other reasons. In the whole film, there are not many close-up shots of the giant python in the processing of details. Many times it is only conveyed through the language of the characters in the play. It doesn't really capture the tension between the python and the human being. What makes people even more comical is that this film, like the previous ones, has many deadly similarities, such as the mating and reproduction of wild pythons. Perhaps, the original intention of the plot was to throw out a gimmick of greater disaster and worry, but helpless, the tension of the plot is bound to be limited, and it is not ruled out that technological progress may also achieve a certain horror effect. But as a series of "Wild Python Disaster", if it does not achieve new leaps and innovations in the previous works, it will inevitably make the audience feel like taking the old path. To put it simply, audiences who have been frightened by the previous pythons have long since "trained" the courage to deal with pythons, which may be the increase in the audience's demand for watching movies.
Anaconda 3; Anaconda 3: The Offspring; Anaconda 3 - I nea genia; Anaconda 3 - La amenaza; Anaconda 3 - La nuova stirpe, the movie's real name is The Snake King, which premiered in 2005 In the American TV Science Fiction Channel (Sci-Fi Channel), its production cost is only about 1 million US dollars, it has not been shown in cinemas, and it is only released in the market in the form of DVD; Blu-ray.
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  • Nick: [after seeing a skinless, partially-digested goat fall from the ceiling] Well that's mighty disturbin'...

  • Hammett: Where there's blood, there's more blood.

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