Anaconda 3: Offspring movie plot

2022-07-13 15:12
Wexel Hall Pharmaceuticals (Wexel Hall Pharmaceuticals) is a project invested by the big boss Modak. Its purpose is to develop various new drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease . Mr. Modak visited the company, only to encounter a scandal in which the subject attacked the researcher and escaped from the laboratory. In order to suppress negative news, he asked Pinker, the director of Wessel Hall Pharmaceuticals, as a supervisor to supervise and manage the good news. this team. Pink invited the white hunter Hammett as a consultant, and Amanda joined the team because she was very familiar with the experimental subjects. Together, they formed a python tracking group to capture the python. They used the tracking device on the python to find that the test subject ran to a farm, and they rushed to the farm to capture it. When the python tracking team arrived here, their leader Griez unfortunately died in the mouth of the python, and Dragos was also attacked and killed by the python. At this time, the hunter Hammett arrived in time, and they used the tracking device to continue to hunt down the python. Sophia had an accident while driving, breaking her leg, unable to stand, and was swallowed by a giant python; Victor was also killed in the accident. Amanda became the only survivor of the crash and was eventually rescued by Hammett . The next day, they used the equipment Hammett brought to find the python's hideout, the Old Industrial Park. Here, Pink was killed by a giant python; the two pythons used the lake to escape to the Old abandoned power plant, where they officially made their home because of the abundance of food and the perfect place to breed . Nick and Amanda also drove here. In order to protect Amanda, Nick was swallowed by the giant python. He detonated the grenade and perished with the black snake.            
Hammett shot and killed Andry, revealing his true colors. He was hired by Murdoch. The purpose of coming here was to wait for the snakes to go to the black market after the snakes were born. sell. His conspiracy was discovered by Amanda, and Amanda and Hammett launched a peak duel. In the end, Hammett was stabbed in the abdomen by Amanda, who became the queen's meal, and Amanda detonated the bomb, blowing up the old abandoned power plant   . In the end, Amanda set fire to all data files related to the python, and drove the jeep into the distance. 
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Anaconda 3: Offspring quotes

  • Nick: [after seeing a skinless, partially-digested goat fall from the ceiling] Well that's mighty disturbin'...

  • Hammett: Where there's blood, there's more blood.

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