Anamorph movie plot

2022-07-14 18:11
Five years ago, a series of serial murders imitating scenes from famous paintings caused a sensation in New York City. Detective Stan (Willem Dafoe) was ordered to investigate the case, but there was no progress, which made him under pressure from public opinion. Stan uses the girl Krist (Samantha MacIvor) as bait to attract the murderer. Although he succeeds in killing the suspect Eddie, it also leads to the tragic murder of Crist.
Eddie's case earned Stan a reward from the police station and a smooth promotion. However, he always felt guilty about the murdered girl, and there seemed to be a secret behind the case. With great guilt in his heart, Stan indulges in alcohol and becomes more withdrawn. Five years later, a similar case resurfaced, with the killer appearing to have deliberately targeted Stan in a blatant challenge. Stan not only has to face this cunning and highly intelligent opponent, but also has to face the inner demon that has plagued him for a long time. 
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Anamorph quotes

  • Medical Examiner: [after performing autopsy] His intestines have been removed. The killer went to the trouble of removing them, and enclosing the incision before he strung him up.

  • Blair Collet: I stumbled upon this invaluable collection of Civil War porn.

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