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2022-07-05 20:58
"And Woman", directly using such a compliment to name BB 's famous work, is more accurate than "Roger Vadim created BB". In 1956, the 23-year-old Bardot had been married for 5 years. Vadim, who was also a husband and a director, finally waited for the opportunity to tailor the "And Woman" for his wife. At the beginning of the show, Bardot appeared completely naked, coupled with the low-cut and close-fitting clothing in the play, the temptation of spring, the sexy and intense dance, and the relationship between the two brothers, Bardot disturbed all French men overnight. Qing Meng became their coveted sexy idol, creating a myth that lasted for half a century. Today, in the French memory, Bardot is still just "the woman created by God" and the only one.
Is it doomed to be beautiful? Is a woman guilty of having an unruly soul? No one heard Juliet's murmur of fear at the seaside in the middle of the night, and no one saw the bewildered eyes of the dancing Juliet.
On the contrary, Juliet knew herself better. When the kind and fragile boy proposed to her, she did not immediately agree because of the hostility of the people in the town, but said: No, you don't know me, I worry about myself. I always feel like I'm going to die tomorrow, so there's always something inside that pushes me to do stupid things and find joy. When she first tasted the affectionate care of her lover after marriage, she also felt happy like other women, but there was more of a kind of fear in her heart. She knew that she couldn't stop, and she knew that she couldn't stop. Those feet that are used to being naked won't fit any pair of shoes.
When I heard that Anthony was going back to the town, she almost collapsed. The strong sense of tragedy and fate in this frantic but fragile woman was exposed in front of us through that shout. This is a woman who does not have enough strength to control her heart and control her destiny, but because of this, she seems so honest and innocent. Looking at her, it is like watching another self sinking into the mire step by step, but there is nothing she can do, and others will never Will lend a helping hand, just stand by indifferently, and even issue a righteous curse.
The girl who has been married is the BB (Brigitte Bardot) who will become the sexy goddess of the French generation in the future. In April 1955, she returned to the Cannes Film Festival. This time, she was prepared to fight. At that time, she was already a little star, standing on the rocks by the sea, happily posing for photographers in various poses, generously letting them take pictures, sometimes rotating, sometimes pressing her hips with her hands, sometimes holding her chest out. All this for her The upcoming performance of "And Woman", which was started by Roger Watting, also paves the way for the Cannes Film Festival when the film is released next year. . Everything is being calculated. BB officially debuted. At the Cannes Film Festival in the following year (1956), she showed off her sharp edge with "And Woman", as if she had become a big star, wearing a fur coat on her bare shoulders, with jewels. Since then, she has been popular for more than ten years. The world nicknamed her BB, and also called her a sexy kitten.
And Woman was originally just a film with a fairly ordinary story and narrative, but because BB was deliberately portrayed as a "sexy little wild cat", and there were shots of her being naturally naked in the sun, the audience could see her exquisite and embossed figure at a glance , so she became the most famous sexy stunner in the world at that time, and also made the film popular. There is a striking scene in the film, where Juliet is undressed for sunbathing in the clothes yard.
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    Juliete Hardy: Tell him I don't like apples anymore. He'll understand.

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