...And God Created Woman movie plot

2022-07-05 14:08
The young and sexy orphan Juliet is married to the gentle and kind-hearted Michael's wife, but has an ambiguous relationship with Michael's majestic brother Anthony, while the rich man Eric has been reluctant to let Juliet's sexy body go. Launch the pursuit offensive. In the end, Michael finally showed his husband's courage when he couldn't bear it, and took his wife back from the other two men.
Juliet, played by Brigitte Bardot, has a strange habit of always being barefoot, and from the beginning to the end of the film, she likes to come and go barefoot wherever she goes. She just got married, came out of the church, and the wedding dress was still unloaded. She took off her leather shoes and walked barefoot on the stone street of the town. Then, the groom was punched and kicked before entering the bridal chamber for her and the man. After marriage, although she tried to restrain herself,.
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...And God Created Woman quotes

  • Michel Tardieu: Have you seen Juliette? I've looked everywhere.

    Antoine Tardieu: There's a bar where the whores go. You can find her there.

    Michel Tardieu: Where?

    Antoine Tardieu: Sh*t, my head is pounding.

    Michel Tardieu: Where is she?

    Antoine Tardieu: At the "Bar des Amis" getting hammered. Don't go. Forget about that bitch.

    Michel Tardieu: I won't allow you to call her that.

    Antoine Tardieu: Your bitch whore.

    Michel Tardieu: Why whore? Did you pay to have her?

    Antoine Tardieu: Yes. She cost me a boat. It wasn't insured.

  • Eric Carradine: What's gotten into you?

    Juliete Hardy: Can't you see I'm having fun?

    Eric Carradine: Come on. That's enough.

    Juliete Hardy: Do you know a place where people just want to dance and laugh?

    Eric Carradine: I'll take you there.

    Juliete Hardy: Is it far away?

    Eric Carradine: Halfway across the world.

    Juliete Hardy: I'd like to stop thinking completely.

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