Art School Confidential movie plot

2022-03-22 08:01
The thin and introverted Jerome can't wait to break out of the cage of high school, because he has been playing the role of a bullied underdog, and those beautiful girls are his distant dreams. If he wants to become a famous painter, everything will come naturally, just like his idol Pablo Picasso , the whole world and all women are at his feet, and he will complete his transformation process in art school.
Jerome becomes a freshman at Strathmore Art School, and his classmates are ambitious, bohemian eccentrics and addicts. Coming to the dormitory, Jerome finds that neither of his two roommates are studyingYes , Matthew is a fashion design major, and Vince is a dynamic filmmaker. Vince tells him a sensational piece of news about a serial killer lurking on campus. It turns out that the serial killer is actually a painter, and Jimmy's latest work is a portrait of those victims. Jimmy tells Jerome that good work can only be made if life and death are put aside. Jerome began imitating Jimmy's work again, but after repeated failures he decided to buy all of Jimmy's paintings, knowing that the stolen paintings were not appreciated. Jonah's painting wins, and his true identity is finally revealed. As an undercover police officer, he suspects that Jerome is a murderer. Desperate Jerome prepares to commit suicide to end his life that has been bumped around.
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The art school in the film is based on the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. The painting Jonah completed in the film is the work of the screenwriter Daniel Cross during his studies at the school. This film is also adapted from his comic book of the same name. become.
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    Too pretentious, too pretentious!

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    It doesn't make much sense.

Art School Confidential quotes

  • Bardo: [holding up clay pipe] This is ready for the kiln.

  • Young Jerome: [dressed as Pablo Picasso] I am a genius. I am the greatest artist of the twentieth century. I pretty much invented modern art, and I do weird abstract paintings even though I could paint totally realistic if I wanted to. Also, even though I am super short and bald, I am able to have sex with any beautiful woman I want just because I'm so great.

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