Welcome to Mooseport movie plot

2022-10-18 21:11
The story takes place in a small American town called Mooseport. The former president, Monroe Cole (Gene Hackman), nicknamed "The Eagle", is ready to come to this small town to enjoy his old age after divorcing his ex-wife after two successful presidential re-elections. Who knew that the enthusiastic local people invited the former president to run for mayor. After a few words, Cole readily agreed.
However, what he didn't expect was that the girl he inadvertently fell in love with was the prospective girlfriend of Handy Harrison, a "famous" plumber in the town. Just because the girl thought Handy was ignoring her, she started dating the former president half-truth. Facing the double "hate" that his limelight was robbed and his girlfriend was pryed off, Handy openly challenged the "political eagle" who had never failed in the election in front of the whole town: "I I want to compete with you for mayor!" 
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Welcome to Mooseport quotes

  • Sally Mannis: What does it matter what color my underwear are?

    Handy Harrison: It's an unconscious indicator of your subconscious intentions.

  • Sally Mannis: Are you doing the plumbing for the whole town now?

    Handy Harrison: No I came to see you.

    Sally Mannis: Through the drain?

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