Seven Chances movie plot

2022-04-07 08:01
Young corporate partner James Shannonin love with the beautiful Mary Jones, but he's too shy to say anything. On his 27th birthday, his and his partner's firm is in danger of going bankrupt and will have to close unless funds can be raised quickly. At the same time, James learned that his grandfather left him a huge inheritance of seven million US dollars, but the condition of getting this large sum of money is that he must get married before seven o'clock in the evening on his 27th birthday. However, James' difficulty with expression cost him almost the loss of Mary. For the sake of a partner, he had to find a woman who was willing to marry him as soon as possible, so he began a difficult search process. In order to help him get married as soon as possible, the partner reported his story under the headline "Seven Million Dollar Groom's Marriage". For a time, women of all classes and ages in the city began to compete for James. At this point, James learns that he can marry the love of his life, and he must try his best to escape the pursuit of those crazy women and arrive at Mary's house to marry her before seven o'clock   .
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  • Jaqueline 2022-04-07 08:01:02

    As an actor, the "serious" Buster Keaton is the king of parkour in the movie history. After watching this, you don't need to watch any so-called zombie movies. As the director, the design of every joke in this film is perfect and interesting, and the detail design is also outstanding. The focus of this film is the hilarious third act chase scene, which is very pure, and also plays a big scene of crowd tactics. , Even if you guessed the ending early, it is still full of surprises.

  • Reynold 2022-04-21 09:03:52

    If you are given a 7 million will, the only condition is that you must get married today, then every man will go to his favorite girl to confess. Just like Qian Zhongshu said, friendship is the last thing you need in times of adversity, love is the last thing you need when you get married, and food is the last thing you need when you eat. It would be great if every man could receive such a will. How nice to have such a will.

Seven Chances quotes

  • Jimmie Shannon: Would you marry me?

  • Title Card: By the time Jimmie had reached the church, he had proposed to everything in skirts, including a Scotchman.

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