Seven Chances evaluation action

2022-04-07 08:01
The film is a classic silent comedy. In just 50 minutes, even after many years, it still makes the audience laugh, nervous, excited, worried, and happy without a single line of dialogue. The joy that the Great Stone Face brings to people. The film mainly satirizes money worship and vanity, expounding the theme of "only true love can replace everything". The simple plot theme constitutes the classic four paragraphs in the interlacing of the two main lines, in which a large number of character modeling, humorous plot arrangement and picture language are used to bring this plot theme into full play. Keaton's mastery of big scenes and props is excellent. The running scene to avoid the bride and the scene to avoid the Rolling Stones are extremely funny. This movie without lines can only move people by its exquisite plot and the unconventional "burdens" one by one   .
The plot and performance of the film revolve around the goal of "finishing the marriage", unfolding a story full of fun and warmth. The protagonist of the film is a "poker face" from beginning to end, a face that is expressionless but serious, making the character's reaction and the situation in which it is placed in an unreasonable deviation, which is one of the techniques of comedy effect. In terms of physical performance, the actions of the characters in the film are in line with their identity, personality and common sense of life, and whether they are talking or walking, they are the same as in daily life. Such "truth" can make the audience focus more on the plot of the movie. The comedy advancement of the comics, and not just because the action that is too funny to be divorced from the plot ignores the ingeniousness of the comedy plot setting. The director interspersed similar gimmicks several times in the film, expressing the frustration and failure of the protagonist vividly. This comic repetition superimposes the comic effect of the film. The director accurately grasped the zeitgeist of Americans' crazy pursuit of wealth in the first half of the 1920s. Through the display of typical events, he exposed and satirized the erosion of marriage and love by money worship in American society at that time.  .
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Extended Reading
  • Athena 2022-04-19 09:03:16

    Keaton is always the best director to use the kinetic energy in the movie, not to mention the chase scenes of the characters, between the rotation of the crane and the characters breaking free, between the rolling of the big ball and the running of the characters, the kinetic energy is different and the tension is felt. Ascension, the chasing scene of 100 grooms is wonderful, but what is even more surprising is the richness of details. It has far-reaching influence on the comedy display of gender awareness (including the image of black people), and the theme of time has also been brought into play.

  • Virginia 2022-04-19 09:03:16

    Rolling stones, jumping trees, running on the street... The action design of the chase scene is really crazy and novel. Compared with the remake in 1999, it is simply the gap between heaven and earth. However, at the beginning, Bast's arrogant attitude towards lawyers made it difficult to get close to this character. Was it a problem of values ​​back then, or was there a little flaw in the character creation?

Seven Chances quotes

  • Billy Meekin - James' Partner: How many of these girls do you know? You have seven chances.

  • Jimmie Shannon: Would you marry me?

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