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2022-04-06 08:01
There used to be a tradition of "family feud" in the United States. Mackay and Cornfield are two families that have been feuding for generations. In 1810, John Mackay and James Cornfield exchanged fire in a rainy night and both died. In order to let his son get rid of the feud, John's widow took the youngest son to live in New York, while James' father vowed to take revenge by raising the two grandchildren.
Twenty years later, Willie Mackay (Buster Keaton) grows up and wants to rush back home to inherit his father's legacy. A fellow girl, Virginia, becomes friends. When Willie arrived at the destination, he visited Virginia's house, and the girl was actually the youngest daughter of the Cornfield family. Virginia's two brothers wanted to harm Willie after knowing his identity, but "Our Hospitality" Traditions kept them from starting at home, so Willie Lai stayed at Cornfield's home to protect himself. 
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  • Chad 2022-04-07 09:01:08

    8.3/10. ①At the beginning of the 19th century, two families that fought each other for generations. The movie tells about the Romeo and Juliet-style love between the male protagonist and the female protagonist of the feuding family, but it is a consummate version: the male and female protagonists and lovers finally get married + the family feud is resolved. ② Die out of the house (there is a protective umbrella for hospitality in the house, and he is killed when he goes out of the house) The various desires and unnaturalness of the male protagonist trying to stay in the house are quite funny. In addition, a few sporadic laughs are also good (such as holding an umbrella to prevent flood discharge, a horse in a skirt, and the hero unloading a bunch of guns at the end). ③The cliff climbing, waterfall rafting, and saving beauty by the waterfall at the climax are extremely thrilling and exciting. ④The train adventure part has good ideas (such as a roller coaster on bumpy tracks, people passing through a tunnel with soot on their faces, and the train moving in sections), but it’s a pity that the execution is not very funny. ⑤ The rhythm is more protracted; the level of laughter is not high enough and not enough; a tragic drama (such as the beginning), a comedy and a thrilling action film, the temperament fault is more serious.

  • Leanna 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    In the end, Keaton hung on the edge of the waterfall. Seeing the female protagonist slide down from the top of the waterfall, he leaned against the rope and slammed over, caught the female protagonist in mid-air, and put her down, reminiscent of an acrobatic trapeze. This is perhaps the most obvious reference to Keaton's early acrobatics career in the film. In fact, the gimmick that you can't be killed if you stay at home as a guest is very funny, but it's a pity that Keaton didn't start it, otherwise this joke can be very funny.

Our Hospitality quotes

  • Joseph Canfield: Jim - I've been trying to forget this fued-why can't you do the same?

    James Canfield: No! - I came a long way to kill him-and I'm going to do it tonight!

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