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2022-04-06 08:01
The adaptation of "The Phantom Carriage" had a certain social significance for Sweden, which was alcoholic at the time. Director Victor Sjöström highlighted his deep concern for social and moral issues and a strong sense of participation when adapting this work. Through his characters, the director expresses an attack on moral decay, as well as his protest that the life preached in the original novel must be bound by a strict creed. The director's rich imagination in the film and his creative exploration of the psychological level of the characters make the film a strong social criticism color, which deeply impressed the audience.
The cinematography of the film is also excellent, thanks not only to the director's exquisite conception, but also to the rich imagination and outstanding creativity of cinematographer Julius Janssen. The novel photography techniques in the film make the distinction between current events and flashbacks, reality and dreams, waking and trance, declarative tone and conditional words all clear. These distinctions are accentuated by the stark contrast between the naturalistic and violent scenes and the mystical ghostly scenes derived from the Protestant and folklore traditions.
In the film, the director not only chose a special angle to express the deep psychology of the characters, but also found the most peculiar and most appropriate means of expressing this angle together with the photographer, thus producing a strong artistic appeal. Its significance lies not only in improving the viewing value of the film, but also in its contribution that cannot be underestimated to enrich the language of film and the means of film expression.  .
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  • Ivah 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    Give "Bildmakarna-2000" a half star first, the more you think about it, the more interesting it becomes. I really want to deduct all the silent films I've seen in the past. I never imagined that a black and white silent film could reach such a level of complexity and richness. Reaper's Cane is definitely a 7, about indulgence/salvation/salvation/love/forgiveness, with a slightly weaker last few minutes. Perfect for watching on New Year's Eve. 2017.8.23 Rewatch.

  • Cordie 2022-04-10 09:01:09

    On the subject of soul redemption. The superimposed shadow effect that shows the separation of the soul from the body is still used in the old mainland TV series "Journey to the West". The whole paragraph is better divided. The line at the end of the credits: God, let my soul mature before it is harvested. Echoes from the front. Sometimes, I feel that European films have a silent power. They are not as noisy as Hollywood and Hong Kong, and use a slower pace. The soundtrack is also worth mentioning.

The Phantom Carriage quotes

  • Georges: I would grant you that reprieve if it would avail you. But you have no power over this man!

  • Georges: You know, David, if I could send a message to mankind, I would send them a New Year's greeting. I would like them to dwell on a single New Year's prayer: 'Lord, please let my soul come to maturity before it is reaped.'

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