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The film's beautiful violin soundtrack and fantastic and absurd images create a surreal visual feast. The film's fictional death story is full of religious overtones. Those who have sinned deeply in their lifetime will be taken away by the god of death when the bell rings on New Year's Eve, and they will receive the punishment they deserve. If there is a saying in this story in China, "Good will be rewarded with good and evil will be rewarded with evil". After death, those who have committed serious crimes will be taken away by black and white impermanence, and they will be punished in the underworld. Evil has its own understanding and belief.
The role of Reaper represents both the defender of justice and the punisher of evil, and when a man is chosen as Reaper, he drives a ghost carriage in search of and arrests other sinners. After the alcoholic in the film seduces the healthy and kind people around him and makes those healthy people get into the bad habit of smoking and drinking alcohol, he becomes the next death. When his former friend refused to visit the nun on New Year's Eve and was beaten to death by his friend with a wine bottle, he was about to be taken away by the god of death. The god of death took him to see the nun in order to fulfill the nun's last wish. Facing the nun, he recalled his past. The film begins to use flashbacks to recall from the beginning how he became an alcoholic from a healthy person, and also to uncover the scars and pains in his heart. Describe how he went from a good, healthy father to an evil, ugly alcoholic. His heart was occupied by evil habits due to smoking and drinking, and the good side of human nature was gradually covered by evil. He was angry with his wife and children, and began to seek infinite revenge and search for himself. Luring healthy people to drink with disdain for anything. But the kind nun always cherished love and sympathy for the suffering man, and always persuaded and seduced him to find his true self, and used her love to impress this man who went astray, but the man did not know. Repentance, anger, and arrogance do not comprehend the good intentions of others at all. They always go their own way and vent their anger. The final price is death.
When the film uses flashbacks to analyze the cause and effect of the plot little by little, and after the context of the story is clear, we finally understand that a man also passively became an evil person. His heart was beautiful at first, but later due to alcoholism , smoking has become more and more debauchery, this story was written in the early twentieth century, and now more than a hundred years have passed, this theme still seems to have lost its charm. How many people today abandon their families and friends because of their vices, and go to the abyss of no return. If there is a god of death, how many ghost carriages will they drive? Estimated to form a large team.
I love this film, both the story and the soundtrack, as well as the vivid performances of the characters are a rare classic!

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  • Rubye 2022-04-07 09:01:08

    It's hard to imagine that this is actually a film from 90 years ago. It is impeccable in terms of scene scheduling, special effects and photography. The title of the story is full of the unsophisticated wisdom of the Swedes...

  • Grady 2022-04-06 08:01:01

    1. One of Kubrick's and Bergman's favorite movies, the old Kubrick, who was originally focused on the apocalypse, also has a heart for salvation. 2. Bergman says there will be no [Wild Strawberry] if Jostrom declined to star. 3. The intertwined structure of flashbacks and flashbacks (or even flashback sets) adds a different kind of magic to this story of sacrifice and enlightenment. 4. The double exposure effect is amazing. 5. After the death of the god of death [seventh seal], the axe split the door as a reference for [The Shining]. (9.0/10)

The Phantom Carriage quotes

  • Georges: Remember that it's New Year's Eve, the last day of the year! Whoever dies on this eve must drive Death's carriage.

  • Georges: There is an old, old carriage... It is no ordinary driver who holds the reigns, for he's in the service of a strict master named Death. For him, a single night is as long as 100 years on Earth. Night and day he must carry out his master's business.