The Phantom Carriage movie plot

2022-04-06 08:01
There is one night out of the ordinary, that is New Year's Eve. The Salvation Army nun Edith suffered from lung disease and was terminally ill. She was unable to continue serving God and had to return to her mother to wait for her final destination. As Edith lay on his deathbed, he called out David Holm's name. David Holm is a drunk, lying in the cemetery, cursing The Phantom Carriage. The owner of The Phantom Carriage is Death, who is greeted with sorrow and despair wherever he goes, and he cannot shirk his heavy duty. The driver of the carriage is apportioned by the god of death, and one person is chosen by the god of death every New Year's Eve, and he is destined to drive the carriage for the god of death the next year. It was night, and it was David Holm that Death chose. David saw Death's carriage slowly approaching, and the driver was George, who was chosen by Death to drive the carriage last New Year's Eve. Although George talks to David, in fact George does not exist and David falls because of George.
David used to have a warm family with his wife, children, and brothers. Although the family was not rich, they were happy. However, under the instigation of George, David fell into the habit of alcoholism. After drinking, he beat and scolded his wife, and his family situation went from bad to worse. Soon he was imprisoned for alcoholism. In prison, he met his younger brother who committed murder. The head of the prison thought that David should go to jail for his younger brother, because the younger brother fell and murdered because of him. Realizing the pain he caused his family, David felt very guilty and wanted to change his ways. After being released from prison, David returned to his home and unexpectedly found that the building was empty. He angrily vowed to find his wife when he traveled all over the world to solve the knot in his heart. Since then, David has become a vagabond. Not only did he not change his past, but he intensified. Wherever you go, a pub is your place to stay. He was destitute, and his temper was getting worse and worse. On New Year's Eve a year ago, he ran into the nun Edith, who warmly received David, provided room and board, sewed his clothes, and invited David to be a guest on New Year's Eve next year. Because she prayed to God to make the first guest on New Year's Eve happy, but David scoffed at the reward for Edith's good deeds.
Death brought David to Edith's bed. Edith recognized Death and asked Death to let her go tomorrow. She wanted to enlighten the sinful man David, because David was the one she admired and loved. On the night of his resignation, David finally found his wife. Seeing that his bad habits had not changed, his wife was very disappointed. The meeting ended in a quarrel. David's wife was so grieved that she was leaving this suffering world. Edith has been ill since she saw David on New Year's Eve last year. The Davids worry about her and she misses David. What troubled her even more was that she had dedicated herself to God, and she could not explain the cause of her pain. Her soul was going to heaven, and before that, she was going to sacrifice her life to save David's soul.
Death told David that he was going to give people a New Year's message "God, let my soul mature before the harvest". Lying in the cemetery waiting for the new year, David told his drinkers about the legend of Death's coachman. They got drunk one by one, and then they fought, and David was knocked to the ground by George, unconscious. Edith died with a smile, and the god of death took David to see his wife. Somewhere, David saw that his wife was preparing to poison himself and his children to end his painful life. David rushed to his wife's side in time, and his tears allowed him to be forgiven by his wife and his soul was saved. David excitedly cried out to God to let his soul mature before the harvest  .
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  • Maxine 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    The 1921 film, what else can I say, it seems a bit strenuous now, besides the picture, I have to read the words, but it is already very good, and how can the posters at that time be so good-looking!

  • Jasen 2022-04-08 09:01:13

    Compared to The Seventh Seal, it seems that there is a deep tradition in Swedish film (more in literature?) thinking about the theme of death (later represented by Bergman); a compromised ending

The Phantom Carriage quotes

  • David Holm: [to a coughing woman] Why turn away so carefully? I'm a consumptive myself, but I cough in people's faces in hopes of finishing them off. Why should they be better off than us?

    Edit: He's merely amusing himself. He's not as wicked as he pretends to be.

  • Georges: I would grant you that reprieve if it would avail you. But you have no power over this man!

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