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2022-04-04 08:01
1. "Ascension" moves the open and secret struggle of "House of Cards", the complex relationship of "Downton Abbey", the dark despair of "Gotham City" and the human test of "Snowpiercer" into space, and put it in a huge and closed universe Inside the spacecraft, a space epic that has never been seen on the screen is drawn for the audience.
2. In recent years, there has been a wave of "nostalgic science fiction" in the American entertainment industry. Now, this trend has finally entered the TV circle. "Ascension" is based on the history of the Cold War in 1963, and integrates the theme of science fiction exploring outer space. The audience will enjoy the American style of the 1960s and the science fiction stories beyond the times.
3. The producer of "Ascension" "Syfy Television Network" can be described as a household name in the American TV drama industry. The series of "Warehouse No. 13", "Battlestar Galactica", "Stargate" and other series produced and broadcasted by them , are classic works in science fiction American dramas. This time "Ascension", the pinnacle of hardcore sci-fi, will focus on the struggle between darkness and light in the human heart, opening a new sci-fi experience for the audience.
4. "Ascension" is co-starring Tricia Schiffer, the heroine of "Battlestar Galactica", and Brian Van Holt, a handsome American who has performed brilliantly in "CSI". Ryan Robbins, one of the protagonists of "Alien Shelter", and Al Sapienza, who performed brilliantly in the movie "The Dark Truth", will also appear as important roles in the show.
5. "Ascension" is a real hard science fiction masterpiece. The core idea of ​​hard science fiction works is to respect and respect the spirit of science, to pursue scientific details or accuracy as features, and to focus on the development of natural science and technology. "Ascension" is set in the real historical era, there are no aliens, no cosmic monsters, there are only conspiracy, power and intrigue between people.
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