At Any Price evaluation action

2022-10-25 19:09
Director Rami Bahani tried to express the generation gap between father and son and the generation gap between eras, symbolizing agriculture with the cornfield that his father was fond of, and industry with the racing car that his son was obsessed with. The contradiction between father and son also reflects the contradiction between the times, a metaphor of industrial society inevitably surpassing agricultural society. However, with the violence and the huge transformation of the son's character after the violence, the initial nostalgia for the humanistic style of the primitive society was diluted. And the generation gap between the two generations was finally resolved by the father's cover-up for his son's crimes and his role as an accomplice, which confuses American values. The more the film goes on, the more chaotic it becomes.
An hour-and-a-half movie can clearly explain one thing and express a value, and this "At Any Price" really wants to cover everything, which is bound to be counterproductive   .
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