At Any Price movie plot

2022-10-25 21:12
Far from being a lowly corn grower, Henry Vepp, who has made a name for himself on his country farm in Iowa, is looking for a good brand for a genetically modified seed. Yet his optimism stems entirely from what he has been hiding about his American dream. Henry's opportunism makes him many enemies, and he is losing ground to rival salesman Jim Johnson At the same time, his pleasure-seeking with a local girlalso shows a lack of communication with his devoted, hard-working wife Erin
With his preferred eldest son gone on his own, Henry wants to inspire his younger son Deaninto the family business. But Dean was an impulsive young man with a grudge against his father's chronic neglect and selfishness. Aside from spending time with his girlfriend Cadence, he spends all of his time pursuing his dream of professional racing   .
Trouble soon arises—the father suffers an unprecedented career crisis, and U.S. authorities begin an investigation into the operations of Dean's farming empire, which could jeopardize their very existence   .
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  • Henry Whipple: Am I a happy man? How can I not be?

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