The Last Days evaluation action

2022-07-17 11:32
The fire was raging all over the sky, and the burning volcano almost swallowed the entire city, making it impossible to recognize its original appearance full of life. It's quite spectacular. In particular, the firelight on the rubble of the ruins of the empty city is as realistic and terrifying as the cracking of the ground, and the sense of disaster is shocking. In addition, the film highlights the majestic momentum of the disaster and shows the desperate struggle of human beings, while also depicting the warm scene of strangers who have never known each other supporting each other when the disaster strikes. Although the disappointment of losing love, family, and friendship runs through the film, human beings still retain the brilliance of humanity when faced with the important choice of advancing or retreating in the dark life. This kind of rebirth and hope in the disaster becomes another point of view in the film.  
"The Last Days" brings together the disaster elements of the past doomsday movies, but the fuse has become an unsolved mystery. The unpredictable dangerous factors will lead to a storm of discussion, but it will make the audience love and hate it more than before. The severe "brain-burning" film, the film makes the audience only cry hi, not tired.
In addition to being a disaster blockbuster featuring visual special effects, the film also contains a wealth of content, starting from the desolate and desolate streets full of corpses, and gradually opening the prelude to the disaster with a fast-paced drum beat. The film also retains the usual methods of disaster films, combining multiple elements such as fighting, parkour, and gunfights, creating a tense atmosphere under the oppression of doomsday in the magnificent scene.  
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