The Last Days movie plot

2022-07-17 22:42
The world is in a state of rapid reversal, and unprecedented catastrophe is rapidly sweeping the world. Whether it is radiation or smog or sunlight or poisonous gas, no one can guess what substance is quietly controlling the whole world, and an invisible barrier created out of thin air isolates people from the outside world. Leaving the shelter of the building, strangulation-like suffocation can lead to a tragic death. Occupied cities are littered with corpses, and the desolate streets are nothing but the remains of vehicles and animal tracks. In order to survive, people can only hide in the chaotic subway and live a dark life, killing and snatching for the little food left. At a time of panic, an unexpectedly opened underground line became a breakthrough for hope. Mark and Enrique resolutely decided to embark on the road to break through the magic barrier and lead mankind to escape the chilling doomsday shackles. 
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