Black Rock movie plot

2022-10-25 23:46
——The thoughts of the girls are pure and strong. ——
Heiyi Ma Tao, a junior high school student, met a particularly eye-catching classmate, Xiaoniaoyouyoumei, on the day of the school year. The innocent Ma Tao, mature and graceful like a little adult, two people with completely different personalities have established a deep friendship in their relationship. But in the second grade, the hearts of the girls separated by the separation of classes began to drift apart.
At this moment, in another world, the girl with a blue light like a flame in her eyes, BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER, is fighting a life-and-death battle with the girl holding a huge jet-black sickle, the master of death. 
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Black Rock quotes

  • Alex: Their girls their somebody's daughter, somebody's sister, they are not HAJIS

  • [last lines]

    Derek: This ends with you two dead

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