The Protector 2 evaluation action

2022-07-17 13:08
The film "The Protector 2" has outstanding 3D effects, exciting plot, and exciting action scenes. No matter the expressiveness and imagination of the action scenes, it is unprecedented in the previous film.  
The film has more popular action scenes and a stronger sense of action design, with a compact and lively rhythm and less urine. The use of 3D technology makes the scene more shocking and realistic, and it is definitely more popular than the previous work.  
In the film, you can see the figure of Hong Kong-made action films. Tony Jaa is more like a combination of Bruce Lee's bravery and Jackie Chan's humor. His super-dazzling expression, combined with acrobatics-like movements, is simply challenging human beings. body limit.  
This time, Tony Jaa , the starring actor, added some comedy elements to his action scenes, which made fans unable to stop laughing. In the film, there was a very happy motorcycle chase scene. Tony Jaa rode his small motorcycle in front. , Countless gangsters behind him also rode motorcycles like conjuring tricks from the left and right alleys to chase after him.  
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