The Protector 2 movie plot

2022-07-17 12:24
Kanis a boxer with stunt skills and is proficient in Muay Thai. He is strong and willing to live a simple life. He lives in the countryside with the elephant he regards as his younger brother. But the good times don't last, and Kan's elephant is targeted by the underworld group and wants to buy it at a high price. After being strongly rejected by Kan, the triad group left angrily. Who knew that Kan's elephant disappeared the next day. To this end, Hom went all the way to the end, but unexpectedly found that the boss of the underworld group had died. His fatal wound was consistent with the main attack part of the broken elephant fist he was good at, and all kinds of clues pointed the finger at him. On the one hand, Kan has to escape the pursuit of all circles, including the police and the twin niece, the owner of the elephant park, on the other hand, he must try to rescue the elephant he regards as his close relative. In the process of escaping for his life, Kan found himself being targeted by a mysterious international martial arts organization. Kham found himself the prime suspect. In addition to the police, the deceased's two twin nieces are also looking for Kham's whereabouts. Fortunately, Kham meets an Interpol on a covert mission in Thailand, who is on his side. 
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