Murder 2 movie plot

2022-10-25 22:29
The film tells the story of a Goan hitman, Sameer, who buys a former police officer, Arjun Bhagwat, to help him find a missing girl. Arjun Bhagwat is a former police officer who has done a lot of wrong to fill his stomach and make more money. As an atheist, he donated a large fortune to the church in order to get more money from it. When Sameer was in the economic downturn and his hacker disappeared, he found Arjun Bhagwat to help him find the missing girl. Reshma is a 17-year-old college girl who worked as a prostitute to support her family. She was the bait Sameer used to lure out where the missing girls were hiding, sent to Dheeraj Pandey. And Dheeraj Pandey is a psychotic killer who killed the missing hacker. Did Reshama succeed in eliciting the missing girl, or would she also be killed by the psychotic killer? In the end, will such a cruel psychopathic killer be punished by the law ? 
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Murder 2 quotes

  • Arjun V. Bhaagwat: If there's anything before and after God, its wealth, treasure and money!

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