Klip evaluation action

2022-10-25 21:04
The movie's display of sex is direct and simple, not obscure, showing the vitality, enthusiasm and energy that match this age. The story is simple and concise, obviously more interesting than Uncle Fa's "Shame", and more vivid than " Nine Songs "! 
The film tells the "naked truth" about today's teens, in which teenage girls dress up like porn stars and desperately take their own lives. The popularity of videos of underage girls on the Internet is one of the inspirations for new female director Maja Milos to conceive the film. The conversion of the film between Mobile Camera and Digital Video format video gives a sense of realism, and the extraordinary performance of the newcomer Istora Simjonovic, who has never performed before, is impressive. The body and soul of a fallen girl is displayed in front of the world. 
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