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Gladyce 2022-10-25 17:29:29

It's not that bad. I read it again. It turns out that the boy's father has been dead for a long time. The girl started oral sex because she didn't want to face the situation at home (the father may be lost at any time). Friends told her what to do when she woke up the next morning. The troubles are gone, she actually cares about her father very much. The background of the film has understated the war several times. For example, Kosovo is Serbia, the United States, let’s die. For example, the family members look at the photos of the past family members together, but the girl says she’s sick, let’s see what these dead people do. These are the hidden pains of this country. The desire to escape, the desire to fill the ego with fleeting pleasures, the desire to numb the ego through the search for love. The male protagonist doesn't seem to be a scumbag. The fingers of the two people started to entangle, and the two people began to understand each other's family. The boy saw the girl crying because she might lose her father. Maybe he thought of himself, he was at a loss, he didn't want to see such a She, he doesn't want to see these fragility, just like he saw himself in the past, or maybe he doesn't want to see the usual disguised wanton happiness disintegrating in a moment, knowing that he is vulnerable and the decline of the country, he hopes Excited, although it may be a kind of false and forgotten power, so he taunted her fiercely. He has already cared about this girl who is similar to himself, but it is wrong to beat someone after all. Hey boy, although you are handsome, I am also in the setting of Libra. The girl is Pisces. In fact, both the Sun Pisces and the Sun Libra represent the father's ineffectiveness. Pisces may disappear, and Libra may be unable to exert power due to poor traffic. If the author understands astrology, then this setting Very good, the correspondence is particularly suitable for the male and female protagonists, and the female protagonist has a friend who is also a Pisces. If there is a metaphor, then this generation is almost the representative constellation of Libra and Pisces. Does the patriarchal line also symbolize the country? Well, it represents a sense of security. The father of the little girl in the orphanage has also died. Did the fathers of this generation end up in those wars, big or small, or were they injured or sick in that war? The last recording of myself crying should be my father's death. In a country that has lost its sense of security and cannot see the future, everyone escapes from themselves through all kinds of depravity. Escape from everything, where is the road, take your time to find it. I really like this movie, I don't know what I'm talking about. There you go.

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