My Sassy Girl movie plot

2022-06-22 16:57
Jordan Rock lost confidence in life because of the accidental death of her boyfriend. At this time, she met Charlie, and Rock seemed to find the shadow of her ex-boyfriend in Charlie's body. She was happy and in pain.
When the god of love came to care again, she couldn't tell who she was in love with, so she and Charlie made a promise to meet again in a year, but the year came soon, when Charlie came to the promised tree, but there was no Seeing Roque.
The film is an American remake of the Korean film My Sassy Girl. Although the protagonist has been replaced by a foreigner, the overall plot has not been changed much, and the scenes of punching and kicking are still indispensable.
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My Sassy Girl quotes

  • Charlie Bellow: Do we live in the physical world that we can touch, or do we live in the world that we create in our minds?

    Charlie Bellow: [to Leo] You should be a business major.

  • Jordan Roark: I told you I'd meet a man from the future.

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