Lorna's Silence movie plot

2022-07-14 12:07
Lorna), an Albanian woman living in Belgium, pretends to be married to Claudius The mastermind of this scam is Fabio, the local ruffian. He promised to share a payment with Claudy, but secretly planned to kill Claudy with an overdose of drugs, thereby marrying Lorna, who has obtained citizenship, to a Russian mafia. The latter are eager to get citizenship so that they can solve their troubles, no matter how much money they spend. Lorna had an Albanian boyfriend Sokol. He looked for work everywhere and traveled all over Europe. The two are saving money to open a fast-food restaurant in Liege. Later, Claude decided to quit drugs and wooed her. Lorna reluctantly takes him to the hospital, telling the suspicious Fabio that if she divorces Claudy quickly, there is no need to kill him. On the other hand, she persuaded Claudy that the two conspired to pretend that he always beat Lorna, so that she could divorce quickly and get paid as soon as possible. The divorce went well. But a passionate Claudy finds out the truth. After a conversation, the two fell in love. The next morning, Claudy was riding on her new bike, while Lorna jogged beside him, smiling all her joy   .
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