Extended Reading
  • Freddie 2022-10-16 00:13:40

    depressing movie

          Peaceful narrative, soft music, but the story told is so hurtful. A single girl came to Belgium to settle down and fake marriage with a drug addict. Her original intention may be impure, but the smuggler and her boyfriend want to force her to murder her husband. Na felt extremely guilty, but...

  • Christiana 2022-10-11 12:56:04

    Through the thorns of men

    Silence, in marriage, the advanced transactional form of love, Rona needs to keep many secrets.

    Claudio, Fabio, the Russian, Salk, Fabio's younger brother... These male characters are all brought out by Rona, and then they are thrown away one by one. It was an explicit deal with Fabio, and the deal...