Lorna's Silence evaluation action

2022-07-14 10:41
"The Silence of Lorna" does not simply package the impact shown in the early works of the Darney brothers, but recaptures the hearts of people through the repressed artistic nature, the perfect story structure and the excellent performance of the protagonists in the film. But the already antiquated artistic rhythm makes the second half of the film much more predictable and suspenseful, although there are still a few surprises in the plot development. Dobrosi, who was born in Kosovo, polished the role of Lorna. Except for the royal hero Honier, who was almost fake, the other actors were mediocre. The film uses a large number of fixed lenses for shooting, but the form is restrained, and it relies on natural light and eliminates noise ()   .
"The Silence of Lorna" slipped off the track that audiences expected, both disappointing and inexplicable. In the first hour of the film, with neo-realist emphasis on practicality and a lot of detail, another classic human nature dilemma is constructed; the second part of the film is rather puzzling ()   .
"The Silence of Lorna" discusses the most primitive theme of love. Compared with the previous Darney Brothers films, the technique no longer emphasizes the stylized marking characteristics, and pays more attention to the narrative of the plot, especially the expression of emotions A lot of strong ()   .
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