La teta asustada movie plot

2022-07-14 14:56
In 2000, Peruvian President Fujimori announced his resignation, ending his totalitarian rule. However, due to successive years of terrorist attacks and oppressive rule, the people at the bottom have suffered numerous physical and psychological traumas.
In a remote mountainous area in Peru, the mother of a young girl Fasta was raped by terrorists when she was young, and then contracted a strange disease called "Teta asustada, La". When she was terminally ill, her mother was alone in worrying about Fasta, who might be infected by breastfeeding.
When his mother dies, Fastafar away from home and grief, and comes to work in the villa of a female pianist in a small town. She doesn't seem to care about everything around her, focusing only on the life she may lose at any time, and the vague future   .
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