Patata Historia

Vella 2022-10-04 18:54:53

The mood and intent of the whole movie is not suspenseful to those who are used to watching movies. It is just about a girl's self-rescue process under the turbulent and changeable political changes. Only the background changed to the mysterious Peru. After Fujimori's totalitarian rule ended in 2000, women's chances of being raped decreased, but years of fear won't disappear instantly when one person steps down.
The knowledge of Fasta, her mother, and the outside world, lies in a potato, a potato in her vagina. The relationship between the potato and the mother is reflected in the short duet in the opening scene. Putting the potato in the vagina is an act of women to protect herself. It also reflects her obsession with her mother's corpse, from stroking her hair to sleeping with the corpse. At this time, the mother was like a potato blocking her forward steps.
She feels that this society is not safe because there are men. Therefore, she needs to be accompanied by others when she goes out. But if she is to follow tradition and send her mother back to her hometown for burial. She had to work in society, so being a maid was her first step to breaking down her barriers.
At work, she met the gardener, and the man's peaceful attitude towards her also made her begin to doubt her mother and her previous attitude.
In order to express Fasta's fear of men, the director specially arranged several wedding scenes in the film, using the liveliness to contrast the indifference of the heroine, but this indifference slowly disappeared with the departure of potatoes. In the final wedding scene, Fasta falls because of the diseased potato. She underwent surgery and gave away the potatoes. After the operation, she and her uncle's family returned home with her mother's body. On the way, Fasta suddenly shouted, and his uncle stopped the car. It turned out that they had returned to their hometown, but the appearance of their hometown was completely different, only the boundless sea was left.
This last scene means that everything in the past has disappeared, and what remains is a boundless future with sunshine. Or maybe everything in the past, including the "breast of fear", is just imaginary, it's just that we are limited by our thinking, but the truth is wide.
Anyway, everything is intriguing.

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