La teta asustada evaluation action

2022-07-14 20:17
"Teta asustada, La" is full of concern and exploration of human nature, and many surreal scenes are also quite beautiful, shocking the audience   .The film has a strong South American style and focuses on the repressive regime of terror in Peru and the lives of ordinary people under oppression   .
"Teta asustada, La" combines the various experiences of Fasta's return home to bury his mother in a slow and magical style with the famous period of the Reign of Terror in Peru's history. Although the film contains many gloomy and terrifying images and themes, the film's excellent cinematography and sound effects, as well as director Claudia Llosa's natural and peaceful handling methods, show the theme of the work just right, and make it easy for the audience to accept, without causing regression. timid. The heroine's sweet dimples also added a lot of impression points to the film   .In one scene, Fasta inexplicably puts a red flower in her mouth, and the brilliant colors look expressive. In another scene, viewers are shown horrific images of a dog eating a sick pigeon. Director Claudia Llosa and cinematographer Natasha Bournell know how to approach shots in a decentered way that is suggestive. The songs that Fasta's mother and Fasta sang have kept some viewers in their minds for a long time   .
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