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2022-07-13 19:04
Having children is an essential step in the formation of a complete family, and it is the greatest and most beautiful dream of a couple, and by the same token, if their child unfortunately dies for one reason or another, all this will be lost. Straight into the worst nightmare anyone could imagine. Madeleine Mathison (Jordan Ryder), an 8-month-old expecting mother, joins her family in joyful anticipation , ready for the arrival of a newborn. At the same time, Madeleine also made a decision that she must give birth to a healthy child, so she adjusted her physical condition with a pure health lifestyle and decided to give birth naturally - even though she has always Outspoken mother-in-law Vivian (Gabrielle Rose) insists she receive standard hospital-style care during her pregnancy, but Madeleine opts for a very experienced midwife to take care of herself.
However, a sudden and tragic accident cut off all the source of happiness for Madeleine as a mother-the unborn fetus lost all signs of life and died in the mother's womb. Spiritually affected Madeleine, who had been greatly devastated, had been in a trance after being deeply stimulated, and she still insisted on giving birth to this child. Then, with an incredible willpower, she continued to conceive the baby she named "Grace" in her body, and 10 months later, she actually gave birth to a baby girl.
After a series of horrific accidents in a row, Madeleine seems increasingly eccentric, and she begins to deliberately avoid crowds, keep her distance from family and friends, and become more and more estranged. However, Madeleine soon I realized that maybe I made a terrible mistake. As Grace grows up, her existence has become extremely scary. If Madeleine, who is in a dilemma, wants to keep Grace alive, she has to use Human flesh and blood fed her, and she began to go out of the house in search of more and more suitable prey. 
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  • Madeline Matheson: She's teething.

  • Meat Clerk: Kinder kills, cleaner cuts. Carl's cows have no antibiotics and no synthetic growth hormones.

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