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2022-07-13 17:28
When he was in college, Paul Soret majored in film and psychology, so he likes to look at the subjects and stories he cares about from an academic perspective, Soret said: "If you want to make a movie A film that can go beyond imagination must convey a far-reaching content than the story, and it must also be in sync with the soul and the mind. Therefore, any psychological topic related to human nature can play a positive role here. Helping. Although I don't know how helpful psychology is to me now, it does make me pay more attention to some deep things, rather than just stop at the superficial surface and pass by."
Maybe too commonplace for Paul Soret, but "Grace" does contain some psychological issues that revolve specifically around women -- Madeleine is a mother who lost her unborn child, so when When she learned of the fact that the child was dead, but still nursed and fed her, she became a completely different person, and she chose a path she had never traveled before, Soret said: "I One thing that needs to be stated is that the film actually focuses on two heroines, one is Madeleine and the other is her mother-in-law Vivian. They represent completely different expressions of motherhood. , Madeleine is not so selfish, in fact, she looks at motherhood from a completely selfless perspective; on the contrary, Vivian understands more about 'destiny', she feels that there is a relationship between herself and her child , is also about a kind of fate, and nothing can be forced, including her desire to be a mother. It is estimated that even Vivian herself did not realize why everything she did was originally very ordinary. In front of Madeleine, she has become a hateful woman with sinister intentions - and in Madeleine's eyes, except for children, everything can be given up."
The story rhythm used in "Grace" is very different for most horror movies. Paul Soret deliberately slowed down his pace, and his intention was to share more understanding of the content and characters with the audience. And around a thread full of doubts, Soret said: "I mean, the rhythm of the story development also plays a very important role in the film, and I hope there is always a person here who can affect the nerves of the audience. A source of fear, so that people don't feel like they've been fooled by a series of fake images, creating a sense of deceived frustration. If the overall content is not so compelling, the constant flow of stimulation should be used to prison Grab the audience's attention, and on this basis, you make the characters in the film as authentic as possible - just like the characters in real life, they cry, bleed, hurt, and when you When they feel deeply moved, even if there are no gorgeous pictures and storytelling, you will still fully immerse yourself in it because of the consensus. These days, the appetite of movie fans is getting more and more tricky and brainy It also turns faster and faster, and the more you see it, the more natural the comparison, especially for horror fans, so we follow the influence created by film literature more than ever, and we believe that the audience's reaction is what decides everything. The essential."
In fact, the baby in "Grace" is presented in such a bloodthirsty and rigid posture. It doesn't look like an innocent and cute baby. However, although it is a horror movie, "Grace" is not. The normal vampire or zombie movie, full of dramatic conflict, is more like a representation of a subculture in the field - replacing blood and death with the tension and character development created by the story, maybe It is more suitable for the development of future horror films, Paul Soret explained: "In fact, simply speaking, the reason why I chose such a form of expression is that I have an unusual love for this type of film. And from a filmmaker's point of view, you should make something that you really want to see, or the type of movie you like. This is an equally important belief for me, watching the audience receive it. There is nothing more satisfying than some of the thoughts and emotions you want to convey through the image.”
For Paul Soret, being able to direct "Grace" himself is also a very important thing, he said: "Actually, I'm not the kind of 'dead brain' person who is not confident enough to direct The person behind "Grace" is none other than me, it's just that several directors I recommended did not reach a cooperation intention in the end, so it seems that only I can control this film."
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