Lian Po is old

Jane 2022-07-17 14:43:31

Tony finally stopped filming the dirty boxing 4/5/6/7. When I was browsing the website, I found out that "Tom Yum Kung 2" was released. I was so moved that I went down and watched it immediately.
I'm looking at it by Tom Yam Kung 1 standards, and obviously I'm disappointed.
1. Tony is old, and his proud body is wrapped in underwear. He wears clothes all the time without showing his belly. I look aggrieved.
2. Hard bridge hard horse action movie, why are you looking for so many fancy women, there are so many scenes, and the trembling little arms are waving around, I feel distressed when I see them. Singing niggas run out to do the magic, can't make a living with editing, I want to watch long shots, and watch the punches to the flesh. At the end of the day, this drama can only play a nigger, but it can't let him and Tony play for an hour, so it can only be wrapped in sheets on a motorcycle.
3. Although we don't care about the plot, we can't be so shitty. We can't understand it at all. What the hell are we talking about?
4. Doing the math, Tony is 35+, and he probably couldn't do any of the previous moves. We don't want to watch acrobatics, and fans can accept it with less god-like legs. Because Muay Thai is not fancy in the first place, Muay Thai has its toughness, its domineering, you have to find the feeling on the screen, don't play those fakes, and when it comes to stunts, you can't compare to Laomei in Thailand. What we need to look at is the distinctive things, how to show the beauty of Muay Thai on the screen, which needs to be explored (in fact, the first two films were done well), otherwise it will be overwhelmed by the impetuous times. Not every movie fan can wait until now like me.

Tony, you are the Bruce Lee of Thailand, you let the world know Muay Thai. Maybe you haven't realized your importance yet, but God bless you, wake up quickly, don't play those fancy foxes, come with some real guys, let us fans who are no longer young, play it while we can In 2004, "Fist Fighter" brought us the shock of the world.

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