Elephant lost again 2

Shany 2022-09-20 23:19:11

Tony Jia's masterpiece that returned to the screen after he became a monk, but unfortunately he is a little old.
The plot is still the same. The baby elephant that was found in Sydney last time grew up and was kidnapped again. What kind of coup was involved in the middle, the mysterious organization ranked by serial number and so on. I didn't even understand what they were trying to do, and expressed deep sorrow for my IQ.
In terms of actors, Tony Jaa finally came to his senses, knowing that even if he made 100 consecutive cuts, it would be better to find a good opponent. Even if the elephant is more human, it is better to get two female pig feet. Marrese Crump's black man is known as a claw knife artist. Judging from his style of play, his hand knife is indeed very sharp and his actual combat ability is very strong. As for Jiejia Yaning, the female boxing tyrant, I felt that the whole audience was a hindrance, and her strength was too low, but her movements were very light and coherent, and her appearance was very pure. Ya Yaying is here to show off her figure, and her long legs are self-willed.
The audience is almost supported by three fights. The first motorcycle battle and chase battle is the most important part of the whole film. A large group of Thai Sao Nian drove their motorcycles on the roof to indulge, so silly. Tonyja jumped to the opposite floor using the first perspective, which felt so weird. Not to mention fights, the chase of hundreds of motorcycles is a good comedy, and the people of the third world are much happier. Just jump over the locomotive, and play a fuel tanker explosion. In the end, Tony Jaa also showed off a bridge bungee jump. This play is still quite touching. The second paragraph is a duel in the warehouse. The characteristics of Muay Thai and hand knives are vividly displayed, and it is a bit short. In the last scene, except for the part of the wall of fire, the two played singles throughout the whole process.
This time it is a 3D release. The advancement of technology and the use of many slow motion mirrors have made this film a lot less real stimulation of the senses than before.
I hope Tony Jia can make more good-looking kung fu movies while he is still in his prime.

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