Gray Matters movie plot

2022-07-10 22:17
Sam (Tom Cavanagh) and Gerry (Heather Joan Graham Heather Graham) are very close siblings who not only live together, but also share the same hobby. Unfortunately, this harmonious relationship was broken by a woman named Charlie (Bridget Moynahan). The relationship between Sam and Charlie developed smoothly in a very rapid manner, and soon reached the point of talking about marriage, and at this time Gray realized that he had a bad idea about his brother's prospective fiancée.
The troubled Gray sent a distress signal to all parties, but no one answered to her satisfaction. For Gray, there is only one way left in front of him, and that is to quickly marry himself. After learning about Gray's idea, her friend Gertie (Alan Cumming) decides to help her   .
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Gray Matters quotes

  • Gray: [to Charlie] Please tell me you don't wear stuff like that everyday.

  • Charlie Kelsey: [to Gray] I can't get too drunk though, I am getting married in the morning.

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