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2022-07-09 22:00
The carnival of independent films, the expectation of the sundance film festival . In January, State of Utah 's "Park City", the 21st sundance film festival was held as scheduled. Avid movie fans, Hollywood dignitaries, mixed with the faces of many foreign filmmakers and journalists, Sundance's maverick approach always makes independent producers full of hope, a kind of jackpot-like fortune. hope. "Happy Endings" is fortunate to be the beginning of that hope -- a premiere. Director Don Roos' "The Opposite of Sex" also made his mark at Sundance.
Perhaps anger and misery in life are Sundance's themes this year, but Don Roos' new work brings a freshness to it, introducing a happy ending like its title. The multi-layered and multi-perspective character layout, the exploration of sex and love, are somewhat acerbic and somewhat return to humanity in the works. The performance is generally of a high standard. Lisa Kudrow got rid of the dullness of the silly eldest sister in "Friends" and successfully showed the domineering, witty and truly sad and sad side; Maggie Grenhaal still maintained the strength of the acting school, It accurately shows the sexy and vulnerable side of women, which seems indifferent and makes people look at each other secretly. Dark and light, funny and tragic, "Happy Endings" skillfully manages diametrically opposed story lines, taking into account both morality and humorous entertainment. The independent Lionsgate company chose a unique director to complete this relatively independent film. Major brand websites The average score is around 6.0.
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  • Nicky: I thought we had a moment there.

  • Jude: [singing] How lucky am I?

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